Cataluna blue, 20 años, Zorruda Mística. Me gustan las cosas azules, los gatos, los murciélagos, las ballenas y la ciencia. Estudio bioquímica y me gusta pintar.

Persistent pupillary membrane (PPM) is a condition of the eye involving remnants of a fetal membrane that persist as strands of tissue crossing the pupil. The pupillary membrane in mammals exists in the fetus as a source of blood supply for the lens. It normally atrophies from the time of birth to the age of four to eight weeks. PPM occurs when this atrophy is incomplete. It generally does not cause any symptoms. The strands can connect to the cornea or lens, but most commonly to other parts of the iris.
Photo credit: Sarah Harmon, BS, CRA, Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital

Feeling miserable again

Such a perfect day….

Kind of the worst mistake of my life. Goodbye world, at least till my hair grow back….